SAMSUNG | Home Theater, 3D Blu-ray, HT-F5550K, مسرح منزلي

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SamsungSKU: Samsung F5550-K/KZ

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استمتع بالمستوى التالي من الترفيه ثلاثي الأبعاد مع تقنية Full HD

عزز منزلك بتجربة الأبعاد الثلاثية الغامرة والمذهلة. فمع تقنية Full HD 3D، ستكون أجهزة الترفيه المنزلي ثلاثية الأبعاد أكثر إثارة وحيوية من أي وقت مضى بفضل المزايا القوية التي تهدف إلى تحقيق أقصى قدر من المتعة. عش بكل حواسك واقع HD الثلاثي الأبعاد الجديد.

3D sound effect for a real sound experience

What better way to enjoy the best in videos and movies than with 3D surround sound? Samsung’s Vertical Surround meets DTS processor to create real 3D sound that will make your living room feel like the inside of a cinema. The DTS Neo with its seven channel surround sound speakers deliver better sound depth and isolated stereo channels, so it sounds like audio comes from different areas of your room. Trust DTS Neo fusion for great sound.

Enjoy apps, videos, web browsing and more

Discover a new world of social and personalized home entertainment with Samsung's updated Smart Hub. With access to great content as well as a selection of Samsung Apps, web browsing and more, this is the ultimate family home entertainment experience.

* Content available via Smart Hub may vary by region.
* Certain Smart Hub features may require firmware upgrades.
* Screen image simulated. Internet access required. Certain apps must be purchased.

High quality surround sound from your TV

Don’t let poor sound quality ruin your perfect movie night. With the TV Sound On feature in the Samsung Blu-ray Home Entertainment System, you can hear high quality surround sound from your TV source. All you need to do is to push the ‘TV Sound On’ hot key on the remote controller and you’ll have superior quality surround sound. Your perfect movie night just got better.

Set up speakers in the simplest fashion

The simple speaker set up mode allows a quick and easy way of setting up high quality sound in your home. You don’t have to worry about placing surround speakers with the simple speaker setup. With intuitive GUI, simply select the position of surround speakers which will automatically enhance the stereo sound. The Samsung Blu-ray home entertainment system makes watching movies even more enjoyable.

Experience the next level of Full HD 3D entertainment

Bring home a more immersive and spectacular 3D experience. With Full HD 3D, your 3D home entertainment will be more exciting and vivid than you had imagined, with powerful features to maximize your enjoyment. Thanks to 3D Auto Contrast, you’ll have a crisper image with sharper and more dramatic contrast. Samsung’s superior 3D technology uses sophisticated algorithms to minimise image layers and maximise response speed, for more fluid and clear viewing. Make sure you immerse your senses in a new reality of 3D HD.

BD Wise

Let Samsung’s BD Wise technology take care of syncing all of your HDMI-connected Samsung devices that deliver dazzling picture quality that brims with bold colours and sharp images. BD Wise automatically shuts off the TV screen when you’re only listening to audio through the AV player.


HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) allows you to easily connect compatible devices to process the TV’s audio signal without a separate optical cable to your receiver. Two HDMI inputs keep your AV devices connected with fewer cables for a totally new audio experience.


Bluetooth is the new way of connecting device to device wirelessly. Samsung audio system is equipped with Bluetooth, it can connect with compatible portable devices wirelessly. Listen to music using your portable music player or even cellular phone without connecting wires.

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